Monday, 19 November 2012

Targeting Target’s Audience:

In order to determine the tactics of your PR plan, you must lay the foundation of good, solid research. In order to assess what tactics I would use to reach the target audience, I would like to provide a snapshot of the Target shopper.

Target’s customer base in the United States break down as follows:

-         The median age of a Target shopper is 46 years old, younger than other major retailers.
-         43% of shoppers are college educated.
-         More than half are employed in professional or managerial positions.
-         80-90% are female.
-         38% have children at home, a figure that is higher than other major retailers.
-         The Target shopper has a median household income of $55,000.
-         Target shoppers appreciate companies who give back to their community.

These figures can be verified by visiting the following website.

This tells me that the typical customer is of a woman of higher than average socio-economic status. She is educated, is family oriented and believes in the well-being of her community.

To address this audience I would point to some research about this demographic. For instance, studies show that two-thirds of 35-54 year olds now use social media and that 86% of these users are on Facebook (See

Keeping this in mind, my tactics would be as follows:

First, I would create a Facebook page outlining cheap brand name products coming to their city. Each city would have a unique page demonstrating how the community will benefit from the Target stores set to arrive. Discussing issues job creation to community fundraisers as added benefits to having Target stores established in specific cities.

Additionally I would use other social media sites such as twitter and LinkedIn. These sites are used less than Facebook, but they do reach a unique demographic.

Second, I would run ads in local news papers where Target stores are expected to arrive. According to ComBase research, 74% of adults are readers if community newspapers. Likewise, 9 out of 10 adults are readers of either print or online community newspapers. (See This will demonstrate Target’s understanding of the local area and show support for community based newspapers.

Third, I would organize press conferences in the major markets that Target will be occupying. Although you may not be able to do a press conference in every Canadian city, perhaps breaking down the press conferences to cover Western Canada, Central Canada and the East Coast so as not to show regional preference.

Fourth, I would create an app for the grand opening. By the end of 2013, nearly 30% of Canadians will access the internet with their mobile devices (Please see  The app will be a quick educational breakdown on how target gives back to the communities in which they operate. It would provide examples and links to websites that prove the statement. It will also give people an opportunity to direct their concerns to the company should they have any questions about Target coming to Canada, they will be redirected to the Target Q and A page.

This could also lead to an ongoing app that also allows people to recommend and/or petition Target to take on certain causes. This of course will be limited by budget and legal implications.

Fifth, plant a story on several financial newspapers online and print editions, demonstrating the financial benefits of Target coming to Canada. This can either be used to attract investors or provide hard and fast proof of the benefits to increased retail competition for consumers.

Finally, use a Canadian celebrity such as Ryan Reynolds to endorse Target’s presence in Canada. He could appear at a press conference or organize a gala event with Ryan Reynolds being the guest of honour.

Using these tactics fit nicely into the RACE model. These tactics were developed based on researching the target audience, the tactics communicate a message to the target audience and the results can be evaluated. Additionally you can advise upper management that these tactics not only address the public, they also target potential customers, who are the reason why Target will be relocating to Canada in the first place.

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  1. Great post, Andrew! Well thought out plan. Makes me wish I worked a little harder on mine :)

    - Sylvie